Tranny Stockings & Suspenders - Tranny Club has a great selection of Stockings & Suspenders.

At Tranny Club we know that stockings and suspenders are one of the first items that fledgeling Trannies try on. It is a classic feminine look that is extremely sexy. We know how important it is to you to show off your very long legs with a great pair of seamed stockings and suspenders.

We will soon be bringing you a much bigger selection of hosiery which will include some of those fantastic Old fashioned Burlesque style 12 strap suspender belts.

A Brief History of Stockings

References to stockings go back as early as the Ancient Greeks and it was generally the Men that wore the stockings, right the way throughout the 18th Century. But the stockings that we are more familiar with today generally are from the World War I era.

The first type of popular stockings were the Silk Stockings and Cotton Stockings became popular in the 16th Century. But in the 1930's Nylon was introduced and Stockings started to be made from this material and completely replaced the silk stockings. In the 1960's they usually had Seams which are generally viewed as the most Classic Type Stocking and are still very desirable today. The Nylon stockings were given heels and toes. But also in the 1960's Stockings got their first piece of tough competition - the TIGHTS or PANTYHOSE! .