The Tranny Club is essentially a Cross Dressing Shop.

We would just like all our customers to know, that although we are called Tranny Club, we do supply products to the whole Transgender Community and we hope that we havent offended anyone by calling ourselves 'Tranny'.

At Tranny Club we have an incredible selection of goods for the whole Transgender Community. We don't just stock great Cross Dresser Clothing but we also stock Breast forms, Wigs & Lingerie, Shapewear and Shoes. And for all you new to Cross Dressing please check back soon as we will be giving you helpful advice and information on how to Cross Dress, so that you finish up with a fantastic realistic feminine Tranformation

Here are some Cross Dressing Tips:

Starting from Top to Toe:

Deciding on the Look you want - this tends to change and improve over the years but a good way to start is by flicking through the magazines and picking out a Celebrity that you like the look of and copying her style.

Hair - Obviously this usually is a big difference between men and women - WIGS are definitely the way to go. You can either opt for a Human Hair wig or a Synthetic Hair wig. The Human Hair wigs are far more convincing but they do tend to be slightly more expensive. The Synthetic wigs still look good but are slightly cheaper. However saying that, we have found some reasonable priced Human Hair wigs that we are selling on our website now. You can either choose wigs from Short length, Medium Length or Long Length depending on the look that you are after.

Make-up - Good make-up is difficult to apply, it is a real learning curve. There are a few ways to achieve a flawless make-up complection by either going to a Professional Make-up Artist. There are some great Make-up Artists out there that specialise in Tranny Make-up, if you would like details of some please contact us Alternatively for the more brave of you - you can actually go into the big stores, to their make-up stands and ask for a Make-Over. Some Brands will charge a fee for this but others will do it for free but expect that you might purchase the make-up afterwards. There are also some Make-up DVDs that give you great advice and help on your make-up. We sell the FemmeFever 'Makeup Made Easy DVD'.

Body Shaping - The feminine figure is a lot more curvy than a mans body. So to achieve those curves you will need to cheat!
For Boobs - you can either get Breastforms or Breast Enhancers.
For a Small Waistline - A good steel boned corset will give you a great waistline.
For Curvy Hips & Butt - There are padded butts & hips you can buy for this.
To Hide the Buldge - A good pair of Gaffs will hold you in.

Shoes - High Heel shoes help to give your legs and calf muscles a much more feminine look, but you will need to practice how to walk in them.

Clothes - This is up to you and the look you are after - at the Trannyclub we find that the most popular look is actually - 'A Convincing Female Look', so that any Tranny can walk down the street, in the daytime, and feel confident that they pass well as a woman. The other popular look is a Nightime Fetish / Clubby look - you will find that this is what most Cross Dressing Shops cater for but at are aim is to offer goods to achieve the more 'Convincing Daytime Female Look'.

Walking and Talking Like a Woman - There are a few companies that help and advise you how to walk and talk like a woman

The Scent of a Woman - Women always have a sweet or musky feminine smell - you can achieve this by wearing Perfume.